Statement from MP Leslyn Lewis on the permanent court injunction on Mackenzie Meadows Property

December 16, 2022 –

With the recent news regarding a permanent court injunction on the Mackenzie Meadows property in Caledonia, above all else, it’s my hope that the law is enforced and peace is maintained. As the responsibility of keeping the peace lays in the hands of the OPP, and the Province of Ontario, they would be best position to speak to what actions would be taken in this regard.

I believe in the rule of law, as it forms the basis of the rights we have here in Canada and the means by which we maintain those rights peacefully. This includes treaty rights of Canada’s aboriginal peoples and their right to negotiate land claims with the Crown. I also support the long Canadian tradition and right to peacefully assemble in protest of our elected government.

However, tactics like those used by a number of  activists involved with the Landback Lane group have not been consistent with what is peaceful protest, and their use of violence, the destruction of property, and public infrastructure, are not included under treaty rights.

It’s my hope for all of us who call this land home, that we use the legal and democratic tools, that we are so privileged to have here in Canada, to resolve differences as opposed to violence.

  • Member of Parliament, Leslyn Lewis