MP Leslyn Lewis comments on Liberal-NDP federal budget

April 7, 2022

Simcoe, ON – In response to today’s Federal Budget announcement, Leslyn Lewis, Member of Parliament for Haldimand-Norfolk, weighed in with serious concerns about the Government’s spending platform.

“I’m incredibly concerned about the dangerous path that the Liberal-NDP budget puts Canada’s future on. Too many families in Haldimand-Norfolk are concerned about the debts that their children are being saddled with. Combined with runaway inflation, the government’s spending is robbing Canadians of future prosperity to profit their short-term political interests.”

“The Government missed a real opportunity to present a responsible plan that places Canadians on sure footing for future prosperity. I believe that to address affordability in the housing market, the government needs to cut red tape, not create red tape, and make it easier for Canadian builders to build more homes and address the supply issue. I believe that infrastructure investments need to open Canada for business, making us more competitive and open paths for Canada to, once again, become a selling nation instead of a buying one.”

“The only tools the government can come up with are more spending, more bureaucracy, more taxes and more debt that will just lead to more inflation. Conveniently, this allows the government to collect more taxes on the goods and services that go up in price. And we here in Haldimand-Norfolk, like other rural communities, are put at an even further disadvantage as a result of these policies. I believe that we need to cut red tape, phase out the deficit, balance our budget and create policy that empowers everyday Canadians to succeed, instead of running up the credit card on their behalf and selfishly grasping to power,’ concluded Lewis.


Media Contact:

Jeremy McIntee

Director of Operations

Office of Leslyn Lewis

Member of Parliament for Haldimand-Norfolk